Here are ilyamikcoder.com's services.

I don't host services with public registration, but if you want to join some of these, feel free to hit me up!

Those are not "free speech instances" - all your actions must follow The Codex. If you have some questions about free speech, refer to this PSA.

Also please note, that I'm just a minor that uses his allowance money to rent servers, so I guess you should expect less than average service reliability.

Check this page for availability and status updates!

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Federated, free and open source microblogging social network. ActivityPub included.

[instance] | [about this project]


Federated, free and open source video broadcasting platform. ActivityPub included.

[instance] | [about this project]


An open-source network for secure, decentralized communication.

[webclient (element)] | [about this project]


Old, but gold communication protocol. Instance is still not tested well.

[about this project]


Lightweight Git repository hosting.

[instance] | [about this project]


Open-source, end-to-end encrypted collaboration suite.

[instance] | [about this project]


Good ol' Internet communication form. My instance is powered by mailcow-dockerized.

[webclient (SOGo)]