In context of ilyamikcoder.com and its services, Codex is a generic Code of Conduct that users are required to follow in order to avoid account termination.

W.1. Support of...

W.1.1. ...Russia-Ukrainian war...

W.1.2. ...installation of iron curtain in Russia (attempt to disrupt work of all services there)...

W.1.3. ...and any kind of incitement to ethnic or racial hatred (regardless side)...

...is STRICTLY prohibited.

Please remember to support and be kind to each other in these difficult times. Thank you :'3

1. Respect other people, their safety and privacy.

1.1. Do not stalk or bully other people.

1.1.1. Do not publish personal information of others without their consent.

1.1.2. Threats of physical violence are treated especially seriously.

1.1.3. “Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying.”

1.2. Mark NSFW, and disturbing content or themes accordingly.

1.2.1. If you're unsure of something is sensitive or not, it probably is.

1.3. Hate/discriminatory speech is not allowed.

1.4. Do not publish malicious links or software without according warning.

2. Respect the server, services and software themselves.

2.1. Do not spam or publish malicious advertisements.

2.2. Do not attempt to hijack or another way maliciously interfere work...

2.2.1. ...of this server and its services.

2.2.2. ...of other servers on Fediverse or the Fediverse itself.

3. Use common sense and listen to administration.

3.1. Do not do anything illegal. By "illegal" we mean things like producing heavy drugs or something, not fighting for liberty or freedom of speech.

3.1.1. This server is hosted in Germany. Please refer to their laws when possible.

3.2. Administration has the right to act beyond these rules, in bounds of common sense laws.